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Kimira Reddy is a Set Designer based on the unceded Coast Salish Territories. She uses virtual reality as a concept tool for design and creates an immersive VR walk through of the final product. Imagine the possibility of walking around in your maquette.

My job starts with you. I take your and ideas and bring them to life in VR. From concept to VR, I create your vision and present it to your team.

Fully explore the finished design in a theatre space before it’s built, saving you time, money and materials. Analyze your sight lines, color choices and spacing for actors to perform.

Collaborate and communicate with an immersive 1:1 scale view of designs allowing you to make quick and easy iterations.

What my clients have to say

There is something special at work here. That is, the ability for the human body, not just the mind and the imagination, to experience and explore the scenic environment. I truly felt that I had experienced the environment first-hand.

Alan Brodie, an award-winning set and lighting designer with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry

Being able to accelerate your lived experience of how the set is going to work in three dimensions really assists the director’s process in imagining the final theatrical experience

Lauren Taylor, a talented Vancouver based Director

Recent work

Under the Banyan Tree Art Installation

As the featured artist of the Indian Summer Festival 2022, I created an art installation on Granville Island inspired by the Banyan Trees in India. I invited guests to rest, reflect and reconnect for a moment in my space.

VR work

VR walk-through of the set of Far Away at the IAST conference

Co-Produced by Chimerik 似不像 & Ruby Singh Directed, Edited & Performed by Sammy Chien and Caroline MacCaull (Chimerik 似不像) As part of their research project “We Were One” during artist-in-residency at LEÑA artist residency (Galiano Island, Canada) & NKK Dance Centre (Siem Reap, Cambodia) 360 Logo Design by Kimira Reddy

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