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Associated Designers of Canada‘s Level Up: The Dramaturgy of Digital Performance & Design

Three artists have been given prompts and the mandate to experiment with digital forms of creation over the course of several weeks. Beginning with a presentation of the results of this digital experimentation, this event will then transition to a Q&A with the artists involved. After the Q&A the floor will be fully opened up to a round table discussion where participants can react to what they’ve just seen. We don’t know yet what the final product of these experiments will be but we’re excited to see how these artists will embrace the digital and find new, and interesting methods of creation.

Sammy Chien – Interdisciplinary Media Artist/ Projection Designer

Christine Lee – Contemporary Classical Composer / Playwright

Hugh Conacher – Lighting Designer/Video Artist

Kimira Reddy – Set & Prop/VR Designer

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Whistler Mountain Chalet

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